Lehnberg - Eldra / Starkeld. Ute den 20 sep

Lehnberg - Eldra / Starkeld. Ute den 20 sep

Diskodans recordings släpper två nya album!

Publicerad: 5/9, 2018

Diskodans recordings presents LEHNBERG & Robin Forest.

LEHNBERG - Eldra / Starkeld. Sep 20th.

cat nr diskodans 014

Diskodans recordings presents a double feature release by LEHNBERG and Robin Forest. LEHNBERG is back with a vengeance. Two hard driven techno tracks who combines curiosity yet the balance of electronic music. LEHNBERG´s Eldra / Starkeld is the first solo release on Diskodans recordings and we hope he´s coming back for seconds.


1. Eldra

2. Starkeld


Robin Forest - Wilderness E.P. Sep 20th.

cat nr diskodans 015

Robin Forest -Wilderness E.P is by far Robins most eclectic release on Diskodans recordings. The techno and electronic dark spheres surrounds the album and it seems like Robin is determined to stay in the wilderness for a long time to come. 


1. Drums in the wilderness

2. Oh yeah

3. Divided bells

4. Closed

Available on Spotify, Beatport, Itunes, Apple and Juno download sep 20th 2018.

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