Diskodans recordings sista släpp!

Publicerad: 10/2

Its been one hell of a ride. 2 years, over 100 tracks, 2 vinyls, 4 cd´s, 25 Dj sessions and countless and countless of hours in the studio trying to make everything work. All good things must come to an end. So, it´s time to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who made this electronic, mind-blowing and strange journey through music possible. 

Diskodans recordings would like to thank Pellegrosso, LEHNBERG, David Holm, Jimmy Koskinen, Kennet Eriksson, Robin Forest, Viktor Zeidner, AKB, Michael Mereborg, Rolf Carl Werner, Mikael Klasson, Bounce Daddy, Lars Michelgård, David Roiseux, Patrik Svärd, Dennis Söderström, Robbie Woods, Daniel Bernstål, David Tanzilli, Hanna J, Larry Forsberg, Tony Zoulias, Nils Palmeby, Herman Mukonda, Alexander Holmqvist, Joakim Westlund, Axel Eriksson, Tim Svensson, William Riedler, Johan Hedlund, Fia Gillving, Martin Zeidner, Magnus Moody, Catterfly.

Keep dancin´. The Diskodans way.

// Christian Stjernström & Petri Jokinen

Diskodans Recordings jan 2017 - mar 2019

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